• ADG design – Davide-Giulio Aquini
    My site as a designer for high craftsmanship. Working in contact with the artisans pushed me to start my studies in Cultural Heritage
  • Accademia degli Incerti
    An online magazine curated with dedication and always interesting articles. A brand new vision of Art.
  • La Rivista di Engramma
    A real discovery, recommended for all fans of iconology, iconography and the great (and too often little remembered) Aby Warburg.
  • Hortus Incomptus
    The story of a very personal challenge against the formal, and often artificially sad, gardens of the Italian backyards.
  • Quindici
    A design studio that is now almost a second home. Here passions turn into a projects.
  • Carlo Brusadin
    A friend before a customer, with always many stories to tell and share, preferably on his Harley.